HERE IS A FREE ENERGY MACHINE THAT WORKS! has constructed this machine described in this video, based on this USA Patent 6362718 HERE by STEPHEN L. PATRICK, THOMAS E. BEARDEN, JAMES C. HAYES, KENNETH D. MOORE AND JAMES L. KENNY. (Note they all have Huntsville, Alabama zip codes and this is home of NASA's Rocket Factory - they are Rocket Scientists). This is a MOTIONLESS ELECTRIC GENERATOR that uses a ring of iron with a neodymium magnet in the middle connected to both sides of the ring. The magnet has a 60 kilogram force. Four coils of 1.25 millimeter diameter copper motor winding wire are seen around the ring with a small and large coil symmetrically opposed to each other on each side of the magnet bridge. This machine generates seven times more watts of power than the power fed into it. The CEO of XTREME-911 has the highest license rating from several governments to conduct high frequency electromagnetic radiation research and development. His research has paid off and we have verified the existence of the free energy that NIKOLA TESLA said was found in outer space and was very easy to tap into. This Free Electric Plasma Radiation has obviously also been tapped to power this UFO spacecraft that some US NAVY F-18 jets have FILMED IN THEIR GUN CAMERA VIDEO HERE, AND HERE IN THIS FILM ON NAVY AIR OPS. Note that the F-18 jet pilots are in no way able to follow these very small and light alien spacecrafts. There is no gas tank visible on the alien crafts which means that they have found a way to use the electrical energy found in space that even powers our sun. All lightning bolts that your see on earth are from this very same energy. The SUN DOES NOT RUN ON Nuclear Fusion, BUT ACTUALLY RUNS ON ELECTRIC PLASMA as proven by the PhD DOCTORS OF ELECTRIC ENGINEERING in the "THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS" video below, which will show you how the universe is really constructed.


Note that the green PC Board is triggered by the correct frequency being sent by the two channels of the Signal Generator alternating the coils from firing one after the other. This oscillation of the smaller coils back and forth creates a simple moving electric field between the two halves of the ferrite ring on either side of the high powered neodymium magnet. This is sufficient to generate electricity as one must note that this is all that is required to generate electricity in a gasoline engine powered traditional electric generator. However, in this type of generator, no rotating shafts or rotating magnets are used because a rotating or oscillating magnetic field is created simply by creating a square wave input by each channel of the signal generator exactly one half cycle out of phase at the exact same frequency. The CEO of XTREME-911 is licensed in high frequency electronics by more than one country's government, so we have absolutely proven one easy way to tap into this abundant electric plasma that flows through the universe in rivers and near stars, just as is stated in the video below "THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS".
The green Printed Circuit Board (PCB) components consist of very high power IGBT MOSFET transistors which have a model number of RJH60F7 and they have their gates connected directly to Texas Instruments UC3705N High Speed Power Transistor Driver chips that act as an interface between the low power outputs of the Siglent SDG 1032X Wave Generator and the gates of the RJH60F7 IGBT transistors. This is an electric engineering "best practice" in high power and high frequency design to prevent damage to the Siglent unit in case of transistor failures. Additionally, the high speed power transistor drivers are needed in the complex circuitry, and an oscilloscope must be used to correctly tune them with resistors between them and the transistor's gates, to prevent ringing feedback noise on these transistor's Drain to Source circuits.


This video sums up the problem very carefully to explain that the biggest money making industry in the world is the Oil Cartel. And most of the inventors in this video were killed by the Oil Industry Cartel, of which the Rothschild Banking Mafia is at the very top and runs the show.

People with no money are not poor if they have access to free energy for their farms, houses and cars. Energy costs make up about 90% of the cost of food as it is used in everything from the fertilizers, water pumps, diesel farm tractors, diesel delivery trucks and electricity in the freezers and coolers in stores and homes. Free Energy would lower the price of food by 90% for both food production and food storage!

See the diagram below and this PDF file here of Nikola Tesla's Patent number 685,957 for reception of electricity from thin air. Yes you will be amazed at Tesla as he was 1000 years ahead of Edison and proved it by inventing AC Electricity that we have used ever since, while Edison was trying to keep everyone on DC electricity that can only be sent a few miles by wire.

"This new power for the driving of the world's machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities." - Nikola Tesla

Tesla, who was the greatest inventor that ever lived with 300 Patents, discovered that the Sun sent a stream of electric energy directly to the earth through the abundant existence of ELECTRIC PLASMA. Tesla was Financially Killed by J.P. Morgan, the USA Banking Agent for Lord Rothschild, the English King's Banker and Oil Business Partner. J.P. Morgan financially killed Tesla upon learning that Tesla really wanted to build the Long Island Tesla Tower to give everyone on earth free electricity without wires. Tesla was also chopped out of USA history books to hide his free energy from the public, just like Winston Smith did in the book "1984" by George Orwell. Winston's job in "1984" was working at the government propaganda office in the Ministry of Truth where Winston Erased History that did not agree with the ruling government's laws controlling the people who were all economic slaves!
NOTE: Even today the "1984" style of Erasing History continues everyday on the Internet by companies like Google's Deletion of, Youtube (Google) Censoring, Twitter Censoring and Facebook Censoring, when they delete uploaded video that shows evidence of the USA and UK governments criminal acts like the Assassination of Robert Kennedy and all the evidence proving it was a CIA-MI6-Mossad Hit seen here!

In 1998 an American named Stanley Meyer, (probably Ohio's most famous inventor) was poisoned and died clutching his throat outside a restaurant in his hometown of Grove City just moments after he jumped up from the table and shouted "They've poisoned me - I am going to die!" Stan had invented and demonstrated many times for the media and hundreds of people, his now-famous dune buggy with an internal combustion engine that ran only on water. Stan had found a practical and cheap way to produce hydrogen on demand. He was offered millions by Arab investors (well-documented) and declined their offers. The Pentagon had officials meet with Meyer and there were agreements made to fund a research and production facility. Within two months however, Stan was dead at age 45.

And by the way, the website has an Oil Company editor who has edited the wikipedia page on Stanley Meyer's Water Powered Car and in his edit he claims that Mr. Stanley Meyer invented a bogus perpetual motion machine. No, Stanley Meyer did not invent any such perpetual motion machine. He simply invented a high frequency AC current circuit that allowed a high performance electrolysis of water into Hydrogen and Oxygen that could then be pumped into the normal piston engine formally run on gasoline and thus to now run on Hydrogen. No claims in any of Mr. Meyer's patents make reference to any such perpetual motion. The water powered car is the same principal as the Hydrogen Bomb in a way, as in both cases, Hydrogen is involved in a reaction that appears to defy the Laws of Thermodynamics and the conservation of energy. I mean how the hell is a bloke supposed to believe that you can get 1,160,000,000 Kilowatt Hours of power out of the few thousand grams of Hydrogen that are inside of a 1 Megaton Hydrogen Bomb? Well it turns out that hydrogen is 25 times more powerful than gasoline when burned in an internal combustion engine, so if you find a way to merely speed up the simple electrolysis of water into hydrogen, then you have the most perfect fuel ever to be used, because when hydrogen is burned it combines with oxygen to remake water and zero pollution! A small amount of Hydrogen cracked out of the water by a high frequency AC electrical circuit that acts as a catalyst to get the normal electrolysis to perform super efficiently, results in enough hydrogen gas to run an engine and power a car. No more, no less and certainly not perpetual motion.

Secondly, the bogus editor for the Oil Company has also stated that Mr. Stanley Meyer was sued by investors and ordered to repay 25,000 US Dollars refund to his investors. Well first off a 25,000 US Dollar lawsuit invovling a 7 trillion dollar (gross sales) industry like big oil is apparently an amusing smoke screen. Meyers was apparently on to something so big that it was better to make him look like a joker in the public's eye so as not to draw too much attention to what he was trying to do to free the poor from paying for oil and oil taxes.

MIT graduate and Associate Professor Eugene Mallove, another alternate energy inventor and author of four energy-related books, also found a way to use the principles of cold fusion to replace oil as our primary fuel and he was found beaten to death in 2004. In 2007 A.M. DeGeus another American inventor who is one of two American scientists who pioneered the plasma battery was found slumped over in his car parked at an Airport in North Carolina before boarding a plane for Europe where he was expected to ink a multi-million dollar funding deal that would put his invention, another oil replacement on the market. In 2010, Russian Dimitri Petronov, who also produced a plasma battery the size of a shoebox that powered his entire two bedroom house and all the appliances in it for over a year without a single recharge, vanished after being seen enjoying coffee and pastry in Moscow's Red Staren Coffee Shop. His disappearance took place only a few weeks after giving elaborate demonstrations of his 3 year battery to top Generals at a Russian military base. Yet another American inventor, who we only know now as "Danny" had invented a similar plasma battery that went even longer than Petronov's, was hustled away by FBI agents after returning from a visit to China where he met with investors and planned to demonstrate his battery. Although he was confirmed to be alive in January of 2011, he no longer resides in his California home and he won't even tell his own sister where he is living!

The Original Free Energy Master was Nikola Tesla. Tesla is the world's greatest inventor and had 800 patents. Tesla invented all of the modern AC electricity and AC electric motors that we use everyday in life. Tesla invented the LASAR, Neon Light Bulbs, X-Rays, Automobile Spark Plugs and all of the circuits in RADAR. The US Supreme Court even stated Tesla, not Marconi, was the inventor of the Radio! George Orwell's book "1984" had a main character, Winston, whose job was to erase history. The Rothschild Bankers evidently paid the USA's top school book publisher Simon & Schuster to erase the history of Tesla by effectively removing Tesla from school text books, because he had invented a way to harness the Sun's huge amounts of free electrical energy and use it for earth based electrical power. Around 1911 Tesla built a large Tesla Coil on top of a radio tower on Long Island in New York, and was lighting up street lights with no wires connected between them. Tesla had discovered that if you took one of his patented "Tesla Coils", and hooked an antennae to it, that it would convert plasma electric current into wired electricity that could power any electrical appliance or automobile. However, JP Morgan, one of Rothschild's top US Banking Agents, used lawyers and a shareholder hostile takeover, to seize legal control of Tesla's free energy company and shut it down. Tesla's free electricity would have killed the Rothschild Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company's business forever.

Tesla's free energy was not free as there is no such thing as free energy. To harness this free energy, you need to pay for a 10 meter antannae tower and an antannae, a Tesla Coil, some copper wires, a voltage regulation circuit, a DC-to-AC voltage converter, and a high capacity electronic capacitor (or a few 90 amp hour 12 volt lead acid batteries). Tesla had discovered that the Sun was actually an electrical phenomena and not a crazy atomic fusion reactor as MIT has always claimed. (MIT claims the Sun is Nuclear Fusion because MIT received billions of dollars for its Fusion Reactor Project.) Here do not believe XTREME-911 or MIT, watch the "THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS" video with PhD University Professors in Electrical Engineering and Astro Physics showing you the real evidence that the Sun is an electric plasma powered heat source.

Lightning is just the huge voltage potential that exists between the atmosphere acting as the positive terminal in the circuit, and the earth acting as the negative terminal of this giant electric circuit. The Universe is really a giant plasma battery. Each Sun is an accumulation point of positive charged plasma, or the plus or positive terminal of the Universe's Plasma Battery. The Earth as all planets, are the Minus or Negative Battery Terminals in the Universe's Plasma Battery. Lightning is the evidence of this huge voltage potential between these positive and negative battery terminals. Lightning is the leakage of the huge amount of positive charged, free energy electric plasma, that is bursting at the seams of the atmosphere around the planet, and shooting electric short-circuits, via lightning bolts, into the big circuit ground of the earth. The reason that you always see lightning around rain storms is simply because the air acts as a dielectric insulating membrane that keeps the positive of the Sun's electric plasma from going directly to the earth. Rain water makes the air conduct electricity, as you probably know if you ever dropped your hair dryer while sitting in the bathtub, which makes the lightning bolts really just big currents of very high voltage jumper wires from the main plus circuit buss to the big minus (ground) circuit buss. Lightning is the direct connection of the positive and negative battery terminals of the Universe's Plasma Battery.

The very first classes in any electrical engineering university shows the students that voltage is actually a measurement of how far a spark will jump between the positive and negative terminals in a circuit. Lightning therefore demonstrates to an E.E. (Electrical Engineer) that a huge potential energy voltage exists between the atmosphere and the ground on earth that is waiting to be tapped by Tesla Coils as seen in Tesla's US Patent No. 649621 below. Also view the THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS video on this page for a detailed explanation by E.E. PhD's and Astro Physics PhD's, on how the Electric Universe really runs on Electric Plasma Magnetic Forces and does not run on Gravity like apples falling from trees.

Don't say we didn't warn you - Tesla said a long, long time ago (100 years) that "This new power for the driving of the world's machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities." - Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's Tesla Coil on Tower with Lab in foreground on Long Island.

So why are these energy inventors disappearing or suffering sudden and unusual deaths? Well friends, just stop and consider who makes money from oil and how much money these people make? The petroleum industry is a $600 Billion ANNUAL (net profits) industry in which less than 2,000 of the world's most influential people receive 85% of this revenue stream, including the Bush and Cheney families, along with 73 other American, Saudi, British, and Kuwaiti blue-blood families just like them. Further, State, Provincial, and Federal governments in 32 countries derive over 30% of their operating budgets from gasoline and other fuel taxes. Typically 40 cents of every dollar spent on gas, oil, or diesel fuel goes into government accounts. Now imagine, that a new technology comes along that will eliminate this income stream, or at the very least, reduce it by more than half. Those who stand to lose billions of dollars will not think twice about snuffing out the life of an inventor or entrepreneur when the cost of a professional hit man is only $100,000 these days, with amateurs charging only half this amount. Certainly billionaires who own and control 85% of the world's wealth are not going to let a few innovative scientists threaten to stop their gravy train.

No matter how deceptive or well-covered up the murders may be, it is clear to most in academic and energy circles that very evil conspirators have monitors in the scientific community and patrolling the Internet for new "threats". If the new technologies cannot be discredited or outright purchased (only to be locked in a closet), the key people either disappear, suffer some bizarre accident, or become targeted for some phony criminal charges that keeps investors away from funding the technology involved.

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