The Rothschild Banking Mafia started working for the Crown around 1800 just when the Crown began selling narcotics to China and helped set up HSBC in Hong Kong to launder the money from England's Chinese drug trafficking. One can therefore say that the Rothschild Banking Mafia is indeed a functioning Mafia Family no different than any other Mafia Don who wears fancy clothes and lives in big mansions. But the Rothschild Bankers are very clever and have used the military and intelligence agencies of England, the USA and many other countries to operate a worldwide narcotics ring for the profit of the Crown and City of London. The fact is that they are so clever, that they realized around 1950 that the HSBC bank had to stop dealing in drug money and so the English Crown then moved all of its drug money laundering to be controlled by secret trusts and banks on its offshore islands like Guernsey, Jersey, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Virgin islands and Cayman islands.

Then the Rothschild Mafia realized that they could use the secret services of all of England's allies to help them sell narcotics more easily worldwide. J. Edgar Hoover sabotaged the FBI's fight against the really big USA Mafia to make it easier for the CIA to sell the British Narcotics on the streets. The FBI is so corrupt that it actually helps the CIA with drug smuggling to make it easy for the CIA to distribute the narcotics to the local police, gangs and street level organized crime operators. HERE IS A CIA DRUG TRAFFICKING VIDEO PROVIDING EVIDENCE BY AN LAPD NARCOTICS DETECTIVE AND A DEA NARCOTICS AGENT PROVING THAT THE CIA DEALS DRUGS TO GHETTOS. The infiltration of Organized Crime into the CIA and FBI is the highest priority on the agenda of every TOC group in the world. However the most successful TOC group so far to date in most countries has not been the Italians, but the Israeli TOC groups instead. Why have you only heard about Sicilian Mafia on the Television? Well probably because as soon as the TV company's owner, Rupert Murdoch saw that this was talked about on his Fox News TV broadcasts, Fox News fired the reporters and erased the video from their website. But we saved the video and its right here on this link to see now.

Corrupt FBI Directors like J. Edgar Hoover are actually guilty of "Accessory to Mass Murder," because since the 1950's, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover hid from the public the very existence of Italian and Jewish Organized Crime. In fact J. Edgar Hoover was given a free Suit worth $1000 dollars a night for one month every year in the sunny super rich La Jolla, San Diego suburb Hotel del Charro owned by Mafia boss in Texas named Clint Murchison, who financed LBJ's political career and helped LBJ shoot President JFK so Vice President LBJ could then be the President. Clint Murchison was a typical USA Mafia boss who in typical fashion owned extremely profitable large public venues like the local San Diego Del Mar horse racetrack. Most people do not realize how much money laundering can be easily done on a race day as all the mob accountant at the race track does is claim that they sold 10 times as many tickets on the daily double as possible so that these are high dollar bets that were never made. Then they just take some drug cash that equals the amount of the fake high dollar tickets and instantly that dirty money is washed when they deposit the cash in their bank saying it was the daily ticket sales!


The Rothschild family and a handful of other elite banking families, hereon referred to as the Rothschild Bankers as seen in this web page here, have controlled almost all of the world's Central Banks with secret Irrevocable Trusts. The Rothschild Bankers include members like the Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Stern and Morgan families, who are not members of the Rothschild family, but are most likely Financial Agents with powers similar to "Power of Attorney" to handle the Rothschild family's USA affairs. The conglomerate of powerful financiers were hired in country or sent to the USA around 100 years ago as economic hit-men to enslave the citizens with the Federal Reserve's Fiat Currency and Inflation. Fiat currency is fake money created from paper with no inherent value and sold to the taxpayers of each country worldwide by this Rothschild Banker TOC group. Members of the Rothschild Banking family are almost never mentioned in the press because the Rothschild Bankers bought the Reuters/A.P. News Feed Companies many years ago. Monetary Inflation is the direct result of "out of thin air" Fiat Currency and renders the bearers poorer each year by 10% deflation in the actual net value of said money due to a 10% real inflation. The Fake News never tells you that you are living under 10% inflation, not 3% as they report each night.

The Rothschild Family financed the founding of Israel in 1930. Yet we have a video proving that the Rothschild Bankers' Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland laundered the gold teeth of dead Jews killed by Hitler in Concentration Camps in World War II! And if that's not enough to make you ill, see this video on how the Rothschild family's DeBeers Diamond Company buys Blood Diamonds from Sierre Leon produced by torturing and killing Africans. This is the behavior of an Organized Crime Family, not elite and trustworthy nobles, knighted by the Queen of England, as we are led to believe in the press. Here is a mainstream media news show on MSNBC hosted by Dylan Ratigan, a NYC financial expert, explaining that the Rothschild Bankers' Central Banks are the main problem in Government Finance and monetary inflation of consumer prices today. NBC TV's Mr. Ratigan says that these Central Bankers are responsible for sending tens of trillions of US dollars offshore each year, removing this cash flow from the USA economy. Offshore tax havens are where these banking criminals keep the money in order to avoid paying taxes that could go to the masses of people in ghettos. Furthermore these banking criminals have charged the USA citizens with A BANKING LOAN OF 20 TRILLION DOLLARS to pay off to their Federal Reserve bank! Here is a second video detailing exactly how bankers steal your taxes and raise the price of all the food and things you buy.


Notice this 500 Sheqel Israeli Paper money has the picture of the founder of Israel, Lord Rothschild on the front of it instead of a dead president like all other countries put on their paper money. This indicates that Rothschild is the most important person in Israel or Israel=Rothschild.

Most people do not know that a Rothschild is the father of Israel, which is actually a military base of operations for the Crown's Banking Mafia seen in this video here. The main street in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv is named Rothschild Boulevard because the Rothschild family invested one billion dollars into Israel in 1930. Israel then created the first Middle East terrorists, the ISRAELI IRGUN TERRORISTS in 1931.

Here is the letter that John F. Kennedy wrote to his father who was the USA Ambassedor to England in 1939 saying that he could not believe that the Jewish IRGUN TERRORISTS were blowing up Jews in Jeruselum with terrorist bombs.

JFK could not believe as a 20 year old man that he was seeing Jewish IRGUN TERRORISTS bombing and killing Jews in Palestine in 1939 and wrote a letter to his dad who was the USA Ambassedor to England at the time and Palestine was an English Colony then also.

In 1946, the Israeli IRGUN TERRORISTS then proceeded to detonate a bomb in the Jerusalem King David Hotel that killed 90 English soldiers, English foreign officers and MI-6 officers. Numerous other terrorist acts to this day are run out of government offices in Tel Aviv like the 911 WTC Bank Robbery seen in THIS VIDEO. A 1976 US Senate Banking Investigation found that the Rothschild Bankers, and their USA Banking Agents like the Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Stern and Morgan Bankers, completely control the USA Central Bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank AS SEEN IN THIS 1976 SENATE INQUIRY CHART HERE.

The Queen's Rothschild Banking Mafia completely funded the MI6 Secret Agent Hitler using the UK banks and even sent the gold from the Check Republic to Hitler in 1939 to fund the German War Machine and kill off all the Germans and scare the Jews to death so they would want to move to the desert in Israel.


Both John and Robert Kennedy were against the proliferation of nuclear arms and Israel's main duty as the military base of England in the middle of the Arab Oil Fields, was to get nuclear bombs, so both Kennedys had to be killed and the Mossad-CIA-MI6 "Hit Job" on JFK and RFK were very obvious and easy to see that a huge conspiracy was utilized to kill both men.

Israeli citizen Mordechai Vanunu was working in the Israeli Military on the secret and illegal Israeli nuclear bomb making factory that stole uranium 238 from the USA and built 200 nuclear warheads. This is against all international nuclear disarmament treaties today and makes Israel a serious world threat to peace.

Another blatant example of major criminal operations by the Rothschild Banking Mafia was the John F. Kennedy assassination and the Robert Kennedy assassination. Two weeks before JFK was shot, JFK had effectively shut down ROTHSCHILD'S FEDERAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANK, by issuing silver backed US dollars (Silver Certificates) to eliminate the taxation of US citizens by the Federal Reserve's procedures of charging interest to taxpayers on every dollar the Federal Reserve issues into circulation. HERE IS A WAY TO PAY FOR USA INFRASTRUCTURE REPAIR WITHOUT TAXING THE POOR CITIZENS WITH BANKING INTEREST SO EVERYTHING THE ORGANIZED CRIMINALS RUNNING THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SAY IS AN IMMENSE LIE.
Here is the main Israeli Newspaper with a headline that even states that the Israeli Mossad (and obviously the CIA and MI6 too) killed Kennedy and the Israeli Mossad is nothing but the IRGUN TERRORISTS that the Queen's Rothschild bankers created in the first place.


A very strange coincidence exists in the fact that the Rothschild Family bought control of the News Feeds the Associated Press and Reuters News, and the fact that the News Media only talks about the Sicilian Mafia and Hollywood only makes movies about the Sicilian Mafia like "The Godfather." Most people therefore do not realize that Meyer Lansky, the USA Jewish Mafia Boss until 1983, ran the USA Organized Crime syndicates, and was never prosecuted or jailed. The worthless FBI boss J. Edgar Hoover never touched the Mafia, because he worked together with the Mafia, and Hoover received free 30 day vacations every year in the Hotel del Charro, an exclusive La Jolla Beach hotel for the super rich in San Diego. FBI boss Hoover's luxury vacations were paid each year by race track Mob boss Clint Murchison, who also funded LBJ, who helped kill JFK. After the 1930's illegal alcohol distribution and racketeering stopped making money, one of Lansky's Jewish Mafia Dons named Bugsy Segal invested in Las Vegas Casinos and created the "Vegas" we all know today. Bugsy Segal then funded Hollywood to influence the TV and Movie producers so that only the Sicilian Mafia is ever mentioned in the Movies as well as the Rothschild owned News Feeds.

Bugsy Segal actually opened up the entire West Coast of the USA to the Mafia with extensive expansion of operations in all typical Mafia crimes like gambling and prostitution and drugs all over California. He was so successful that he bought a big Hollywood Mansion and entertained top Movie Stars and Politicians. Another thing that only US citizens know about the USA is that the Mafia is in all levels of society and that US citizens are very worried about the Mafia in everything they do and everywhere they go. Unfortunately for the poor citizens of the world, the News Media hides from the public just who the Mafia really is.


Possibly the most heinous crimes committed by the Rothschild Banker TOC group were:
Crime 1: Hiring Adolf Hitler in 1912 in England to be an MI-6 secret agent to infiltrate Germany and destroy it in World War II
Crime 2: Funding of Hitler's NAZI war machine for 10 years prior to the war, and during World War II
as explained in this ENGLISH-NAZI GOLD CONNECTION VIDEO which shows that Rothschild Banker's Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was sending gold from the Rothschild's Bank of England to Hitler's NAZI Reich Bank in 1943 DURING THE WAR! And at the end of the video notice how after the war the US Government sent US Treasury Detectives to the Swiss BIS offices in Basil where they were told by the BIS bank executives that they could not tell the detectives the real names of the Rothschild Bankers. We there for obviously conclude that it was the super rich Rothschild Bankers and their USA Banking Agents like the Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Stern and Morgan bankers, that financed Hitler's War Machine. However, the Rothschild Bankers and their USA Banking Agents will say that it was only a legal secret Swiss banking gold transaction that allowed the gold bars to be sent from the Bank of England via the Swiss BIS institution to the NAZI Reich Bank in 1943.

Regardless of what legal argument is used to render these criminal bankers innocent, it was still the Rothschild banks that supplied the gold to Hitler from their Swiss BIS banking institution, so you be the judge. Are they guilty of financing a mass murderer if their bank sent bars of gold from London to Berlin in 1943? So how does Rothschild, the father of Israel explain that he allowed the financing of Hitler with gold bars from his two banks? The Jewish people should demand to know why this criminal organization is allowed to continue running most of the worlds Central Banks, and begin to return the ownership of each country's Central Bank to its rightful owners, the taxpaying citizens of each country like in Dylan Ratigan's Video here. Here we see these same atrocities being committed over and over again by this same TOC group on a scale that makes Otilla the Hun's conquering of Germany look like a Boy Scout Jamboree. Here is the evidence video showing the ROTHSCHILD BANKING MAFIA paid to kill the poor Jews in World War II.


World War II was apparently designed to kill off all the Germans in a "The Pincer Movement", the most famous and deadly military tactic of all times, so much so that even Hannibal and Alexander the Great used it in ancient times. A Pincer Movement was used to trap the German Army between the Allies on the Western Front and the Russians on the Eastern Front. One of the tricks the Rothschild Banker's English handlers of the Allied forces in London were using was to keep the war going as long as possible by failing to bomb the largest Ford factory in Cologne that built German Army Trucks and "half-tracks" LKW's. THIS VIDEO SHOWS GERMAN FACTORIES WERE NOT BOMBED TO ALLOW THE WAR TO DRAG ON TO ALLOW THE ALLIES TO FIREBOMB ALL GERMAN CITIES TO KILL THE PEOPLE.


The fake news is not telling the public that the Rothschild Bankers and their USA Banking Agents, like the Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Stern and Morgan bankers, are printing Fiat Currency in huge amounts in their Central Banks to levy a real annual inflation value of around 10% on the public that devastates everyone financially except the rich. SEE VIDEO HERE No one but the very wealthy banking families are left standing after the continual array of financial crashes that occur every ten or twenty years since the Rothschild Bankers and their USA Banking Agents, like the Warburg, Rockefeller, Lehman, Stern and Morgan bankers, created the Federal Reserve in 1913. This is a super crime committed by a super criminal TOC oligarchy. Perhaps people believe kings do not exist anymore, and perhaps these same people like living in a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale with no money too!


The Crown's Banking Mafia crime families have not left one stone un-turned when it comes to making a killing for a living in "business", no matter what the cost is to the health of citizens of the world, both physically and financially. The biggest cost and the most pollution comes from the Rothschild Banker and Arab controlled Oil and Nuclear Power Industries. The Rothschild Bankers work carefully with the Arab Oil Cartel to keep control over their oil industry by killing Free Energy inventors who use water to power their cars for free without gasoline! Millions of people worldwide have died from lung disease and cancer because the Crown Bankers work with the Arab Oil Cartel to kill inventors of water powered cars or Tesla Solar Plasma energy converters. Elon Musk's Tesla cars require you to pay for expensive electrical recharging and expensive Lithium Ion batteries. Water powered hydrogen cars NEVER need electrical recharging and need no lithium batteries whatsoever! They use the normal car engines, and only switch the fuel to hydrogen which is then converted on the fly right from water sitting in the car's old gasoline tank! Hydrogen fuel is 25 times more powerful than gasoline, and is already a refined technology because it has powered rocket engines since the 1950's!

WATCH THIS VIDEO HERE to view how all Plasma Battery inventors are killed frequently. A Plasma Battery could eliminate both oil and the expensive and heavy Tesla Lithium Auto Batteries, and stop the need to import Oil and Lithium.


The Rothschild Banker TOC group also lied to you about their expensive atomic energy electrical generation plants, which their banks make billions in profits from loans to fund atomic reactor projects worldwide. The Rothschild family's Reuters News Agency has been used since the 1960's to convince the poor citizens of the world that all atomic reactor nuclear fuel was contained in the large visible steel and concrete reactor containment vessels. But in reality the highly radioactive Spent Fuel Rods were kept in normal swimming pools located outside of radiation containment shielding. So you were lied to again by these super rich serial killing mass murderers who will profit no matter the cost to the environment, whether its oil or atomic pollution.

Tesla, however, saved us from ever needing atomic energy for electricity because 100 years ago Tesla discovered that the Sun radiates pure electrical energy 24 hours a day in the form of "Plasma" and a new company has used Tesla technology to generate electricity 24 hours a day from the sun HERE: WWW.ZPOWER.BIZ Lets see if the world is really all talk when it comes to stopping using Big Oil but we know that it will never happen because Europe and the USA make too much money taxing gasoline at the gas pump. I guess we can as the mob guys always say on the TV "FORGETABOUTIT!"


But the worst crime of the Mafia based on the facts in Mr. Valentine's book, "The Strength Of The Pack", is the takeover of the USA's major cities by the team of local police and Jewish and Italian Organized Crime. This combined mafia-police crime syndicate controls the illegal drugs, prostitution and gambling in all the big cities. It all began during World War II when the OSS asked the Mafia to help watch all of the US city ports and railroads to stop the infiltration of German spies. After the war ended the government asked the big city police departments to stop working with the Mafia but the racketeering had made the police too rich and happy and this extreme USA police corruption exists today.


SEE MARTIN LUTHER KING VIDEO HERE. The second worst thing done in the USA by TOC to seal the fate of the people living in the African-American ghettos was to kill Martin Luther King. The Rothschild Banking Mafia controlled CIA and FBI were proven in a US Court of Law in 1999 to have killed Martin Luther King. However the Fake News companies like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox never told the public anything about this court case. The African-Americans are still suffering emotionally from the barbaric capture in Africa and subsequent torturous transportation to American and perpetual enslavement toiling in hot cotton fields for their entire life. Now to be treated so incredibly terribly by the Rothschild Banking Mafia, after 100's of years of slavery means that slavery never really ended for African-Americans.

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